For such a long time I focused on the tech side of photo and video. Part of this had to do with me being in college and learning all sorts of equipment and how to operate it. However, for a long time I was convinced that in order to make a good video or take a stellar picture I needed the best of the best. This kept me in a artistic (and financial) rut.

I tried changing up my surroundings. I began to integrate more analog photography into my routine. 35mm, 120 format, instant film, anything that changed up the look of digital. I started to focus more on photojournalism, documenting everyday nuances. I also would like to pursue photography, video and art as a whole as a form of art therapy.

I am very interested in using my skills to support a non for profit company. Helping people in anyway is a passion of mine and if I can help through art then that's even better. 


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